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Battles are inevitable and when you’re about to enter into a battle, you don’t always have time to plan your strategy or prepare ahead of time. “This is How I Fight My Battles” takes you into the lives of women who have history with God and their stories on what strategies they have used to fight and win their battles. Now, it’s time for you to get prepared. Put on your armor, pick your weapon wisely, stand up and get ready to fight through your battles and come out a winner! Contributing Authors:Judy Blair, Margaret Etwaru, Rhonda Fraser, Judy Handwerker, Kim Jacobs, Samantha Madray, Dr. Jessica Mosley, Dr. Delene P. Musielak, Vanessa Persaud-Robert, Dr. Nephetina L. Serrano, Judy Singh, Allison Skeete, Anissa Talip, Karyn Watson

This is how I fight my Battles

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