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Sep 23, 2023

Truly anointed to reveal God's word regarding health and wellness and guiding clients to use these powerful scriptural truths. Sister Judy brings her love for the word of God to promote wellness in the body. My experience with her was great! I gained a lot more flexibility and strength through her customized exercise program. I wound highly recommend the services of Wonderfully Whole.


Sep 12, 2023

Minister Judy, has an amazing way of helping women live a balanced life through her wonderfully whole program. Be sure to connect with her.

Min. Rhonda


I had the great privilege to work with Judy, starting late 2020 as part of a twice a week women's health and fitness work out group and the in one on one personal training.

Her amazing energy and great positive attitude for each and every workout was something i always looked forward to each and every morning, yes it was fun, but we we're but the thoughtfulness in the routines also helped to improve my balance, endurance, flexibility and overall fitness.

The positive affirmations of scripture and prayer at the end of each session, not only energized the body but also my Ruach. As i gained confidence and strength and I wanted to challenge myself more, and we were able to also schedule personal sessions that accommodated my hectic schedule. These were customized to my ability and personal goals, demanding but not impossible, I loved every minute of it, i learned how important it is to stretch, something i have made part of my lifestyle changes.

Judy is a great teacher and instructor, her warmth and wisdom taught me more than just how to exercise, but also how to build oneself spiritually, that my best is still ahead of me, tools and skills i am still using to this day!! Truly becoming a wonderfully whole woman.

And over the course of 2 years i was able to loose 15 lbs.... no easy feat


Aug 25, 2023

Minister Judy Handwerker of Wonderfully Whole Ministries conducted a wellness

workshop during my 2020 Daughters of Destiny conference. It was right before in-

person conferences were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the

message of wellness was very timely. Minister Judy's “Temple Care” workshop

challenged the women to take care of their bodies as the Temple of God. She was

very congenial and professional and gave excellent advice on preventative health

and wholeness. She not only gave a Biblical perspective but also informed the

workshop attendees of the science behind taking care of one’s body. She also

shared her own personal wellness journey which inspired and encouraged the

women in mind, body, and spirit. She was available for questions, and I received

positive feedback from the workshop attendees. I highly recommend her to speak

at conferences and conduct workshops on wellness for your ministry or business.

Pastor Heather Barfield


Aug 19, 2023

We had the privilege of having Judy Handwerker (Wonderfully Whole) present a wellness and fitness workshop for our staff. Judy's ability to expound on the importance of holistic health care was extremely enlightening, as was her depth of knowledge about eating clean, taking care of your body, and applying God's word to your situation.

Judy was able to keep us all engaged and taught with such passion and enthusiasm; additionally, she incorporated components of physical activity that got our staff up and moving during the workshop, something we all enjoyed.

Judy was prompt and well prepared; she provided easy-to-understand handouts and visual aids to assist her during teaching. Judy also allowed time to demonstrate making and tasting a healthy snack, as well as answering all questions asked by the staff.

I woulddefinately have Judy return to our organization and share again, She was such a pleasure to have.

Michelle W. Ross - MSW

Director-Naomi Mentoring


Aug 19, 2023

You have very valuable, life-changing information if a person applies it. Your strategy is very personable and easy to grasp. Very practical and current. The spiritual aspect is very important. Provides another reason why a healthy body is beneficial: a healthy body with which to serve the Lord.

Pastor Iris Butler

Cofounder & Associate Pastor

Christina International Church


Aug 19, 2023

Wonderfully Whole is a God-ordained business that I have invested my time in as a client. What sets this establishment apart from others is that Judy integrates comprehensive Biblical principles into her instructions.

Judy’s intimate coaching training techniques and strategies tend to the spirit, soul, and body of a person. She encourages us to engage in the process. It is a priceless, full-service program that provides the keys to a new and amazingly balanced lifestyle from a Wonderfully Whole perspective.

They will be able to delve into what it is like to really look and feel fearfully and wonderfully made according to Psalm 139:14. Judy, your wellness classes have been a blessing to me over the last year and a half.

Dr Vivian Carroll

CEO of Brides for Christ International Women’s Ministry

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