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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

This is the month where we see the flamboyant expression of nature; beautiful flowers in full bloom after the April showers. We see Nature declaring boldly the handiwork of the Master designer and artist.

We are the masterpiece of God’s creation. So, what are we declaring over our lives, the lives of our family and to our “neighbors.” Are we blooming with life?

But before we can express or declare this to others, we have to be able to express or declare that over ourselves. This is the true essence of wholeness. Being able to love myself and to speak wonderful things over my life.

Self-communication is critical on our wellness journey. How are we framing our personal world with our self-talk? Every day, we are faced with a choice, to choose life or death.

According to Caroline Leaf, neuroscientist. “...when we choose life (Deut.30:19), the diamond increases its shine; when we choose anything other than life, the diamond loses its shine.” She goes on say, “The wrong choices cause brain damage. The right choices enhance brain function”. We definitely don’t want any malfunction in the control center of the body.

Choose Life!

God encourages us to “choose life” every time. Let’s make two declarations:

1. “Today, I choose Life.”

2. “I am a Wonderfully Whole (woman or man) because the Wonderful One lives in me (Jesus). He is doing wonderful things for me, in me and through me. Good things are following me. I am whole in my spirit, soul and body.”

Bloom with Life and be Wonderfully Whole®!

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