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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Of all the seasons in the year, Spring is my favorite!

I look forward to see the new growth everywhere, the buds peeking out on the branches of the fruit and lavender trees, and rose bushes.

We see the magnificent work of the Great artist and designer expressing a kaleidoscope of color everywhere. Creation depicts his handwork with such grandeur, one can’t help admire it and praise the Creator for such beautiful masterpieces.

Winter is pushed behind in the rear view mirror and creation is marching on with such energy and vitality forgetting the harshness of the season.

We too should march on into new season with an abundance expectation and hope, the past is behind, “forgetting those things which are behind” and we step lively into all that has been predestined for us to do now.

As we march on, we embrace wholeness in our spirits, souls and bodies. We put off the emotional baggage that came with the coldness of the past season of our lives: the disappointments, hurts, betrayals, anxiety, guilt and shame.

We hug the newness of life that God is pouring into us now; His fresh love and mercies. He tells us, to arise and come away with Him to a new level of intimacy.

He is about to breathe new life into the dead places from the last season (Song of Solomon 2:10-13).

We renew our minds with positivity that all is well.

The One who makes all things new, is encouraging us to anticipate all the good that He has set up for us to encounter, therefore we think on things that are authentic, lovely, pure and beautiful.

Last but not least, we make a choice of being better stewards of our bodies. We are the number one masterpiece of creation. We are Wonderfully Made. We are on a journey of wholeness, let’s pause for renewal of this body, we can begin with:

  • A gentle cleansing of fresh vegetable juice fast for a day or three days.

  • Rejuvenate by taking proper rest and enjoying nature.

I am here to help you as you take a deeper dive into wholeness.

Let’s do it together and become WONDERFULLY WHOLE®.

Be Well, Be Wonderfully Whole,

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